With the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan recently celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic, GMF is committed to showcasing our readiness to uphold the values of transatlantic collaboration that emerged from the darkness and devastation of the World War II. The Marshall Plan remains one of the greatest peace and reconciliation efforts in human history. Growing from that pivotal initiative, the shared values of Americans and Europeans have set new world standards for political freedom, social stability and security, and unparalleled quality of life.

We now face a renewed period of challenge, within our societies and for transatlantic relations. Against this backdrop of political, social, and economic uncertainty, the GMF leadership network is strong, organizing, and ready to lead forward.

Action Plan for GMF’s Alumni Engagement, 2017-20

This Action Plan resulted from inputs of 140 alumni who contributed to a three-year alumni strategy to advance democracy, inclusive leadership, and global engagement at the inaugural Triennial Transatlantic Leadership Retreat in St. Vincent, Italy, April 7–9, 2017.

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